Impact Windows

Impact Windows

Hurricane Impact Windows offer numerous benefits, ranging from hurricane protection and improved energy efficiency, to noise reduction and increased home value. Our large selection of industry-leading products includes a wide array of window styles to fit your design and project needs. Single Hung, Horizontal Roller, Casement, Awning and Fixed Windows are available in durable, hurricane-resistant materials that include Aluminum, Vinyl and Wood-Clad. Hardware finishes and glass color options offer the ability to truly customize your Hurricane Windows.

Window & Door Replacement Company provides an exceptional experience with complimentary estimates, flexible finance options and on-going service and support.

Single-Hung Impact Windows

Single-Hung Impact Windows

Due to the cost-effective nature and versatility, the single hung window is a popular option and is found in most homes today.It is a traditional style sash operable window that opens without using any interior or exterior space which makes it a great choice for most living areas in your home.The windows are egress fire code certified and have no protruding cranks.

Some insight from leading manufacturers – the Single-Hung Window is a classic style that features a movable bottom panel that slides vertically while the top sash stays stationary. The moveable bottom panel also tilts inward for easy cleaning of the exterior pane. Single-Hung Windows allow a significant amount of natural light and provides a substantial opening to offer maximum ventilation.

Horizontal Roller Impact Windows

Similar to a sliding door, they glide horizontally and are a popular style for contemporary and modern homes. In addition to the distinctive aesthetic advantages in comparison to comparable priced investments such as Single-Hung Windows, there are practical application advantages.

Design and Remodel Consultant, Roldan Romero suggests Horizontal Rollers for situations where you’d have to lean over to open the window, such as kitchen counters and laundry rooms.He states, “The horizontal rollers are much easier to open in any case of having to lean over as unlike the weight of lifting up a single-hung window, the rollers are easy to slide.”He also shed some light on the application as a pragmatic, cost-effective solution for large rectangular openings.

Casement Impact Windows

Casement Impact Windows

Casement Windows offer excellent ventilation and uninterrupted vertical views and unlike a single hung, it has no center rail to obstruct the view. This single-panel window is hinged on the right- or left-hand side and can be opened by turning a handle. When opened, the panel swings outward to allow air in.

The Window and Door Replacement Company proudly recommends CGI and PGT Casement Windows as they both feature products that have been tested to meet NOA approvals. Our team of Design and Remodel Consultants will help you determine the best solution for your individual needs and preferences.

Picture Windows

Shopping picture windows can be an exciting time as there is a strong correlation with the design and overall image of the home.The dichotomy is that although the picture window makes such an impact on a home, they are service free and low maintenance.

Design and Remodel Consultant, Roldan Romero states, “one consideration is prevention against water intrusion – we generally suggest products that are built with a 3 stage prevention process and when installed, implement a 3-step process on the installation end – with Polyurethane caulking for the opening, back beading the window, and caulking around the window flange.”

Awning Windows

Awning Windows, also known as Project-Out Windows are generally opened with a hand crank and are hinged at the top to open outward. The name stems from the fact that the glass shields the opening like an awning, enabling ventilation throughout any type of weather.

Additionally, if opening your windows requires a reach – such as over a kitchen sink or counter, awning windows are an appropriate choice.In addition to the functionality, they create ideal aesthetic accents above or below picture windows, which presents an opportunity to be placed in nearly any style of home.They are also frequently used in bathrooms with unique or textured glass.

Architectural and Transom Windows

Also known as “Architectural” or “Designer” Windows and can be used as a standalone or companion window.In architecture, a transom is a transverse horizontal structural beam or bar, or a crosspiece separating a door from a window above it.This style of window is non-operable and is often implemented to let more light in, complement larger windows, add visual interest or facilitate a view.

These types of windows are available in a variety of shapes including; picture, quarter circle, half circle, full circle, fan, squares, oval, elliptical, gothic, eyebrow, pentagon, peak pentagon, arch, trapezoid, triangle, octagon and hexagon.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-Hung Windows

Some insight from leading manufacturers – Double-Hung Windows feature movable top and bottom panels open and closed vertically. Both panels may be opened simultaneously to create a natural convection, allowing cool air to flow through the bottom and hot air to go out the top. For easy cleaning of exterior panes, both panels tilt inward.

The Double-Hung Windows also allow a significant amount of natural light and provide a wide opening for maximum ventilation.


PGT produces high design pressure aluminum and vinyl windows and doors warrantied for ten years. White, bronze, clear anodize and woodgrain finished frame colors; Colonial, Brittany/Prairie and custom grid patterns; and clear, bronze, grey, green, obscure and white interlayer glass colors create choices to suit any application.

  • Vinyl/Aluminum Windows
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Energy Effiecient Options
  • Now Offer Black!

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If you live in a high velocity hurricane zone, then our Bertha single hung vinyl windows are for you. Built to withstand higher winds than our other single hung windows, our Bertha line of windows are also proud to boast the Made in the USA® certification.

  • Lifetime Warranty on Frame + Glass
  • Rated 180mph+
  • SGP Interlayer Standard 5x as Strong
  • Certified Leakproof Windows

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With Sentinel by CGI customers benefit from exceptional quality, craftsmanship, energy efficiency and durability at an affordable price. Sentinel’s complete line of windows and doors are custom manufactured to enhance the aesthetics of your home while delivering protection from the most extreme coastal weather conditions.

  • Aluminum Framing
  • Cat 5+ Hurricane Strength
  • Offers Affordable Options

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ES Windows

The ES Window collection of high quality windows and doors was developed by our experienced team of engineers and designers to meet the needs of homeowners, contractors and homebuilders. We offer durable, efficient and affordable products that withstand the stringent Miami-Dade County protocols.

  • Residential and Commercial Applications
  • Offer Lift and Slide Doors, Bi-Fold Doors, and Frameless Impact Options.

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The StormBreaker Plus collection offers the highest level of impact protection. Designed for coastal living, these windows and doors can stand up to just about anything that comes their way.

  • Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows
  • Double-Lifetime Transferrable Warranty
  • *Ask about the Accidental Glass Breakage Warranty

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