Frequently Asked Questions

Replacing all of the windows and doors in your home is a major project and you may have questions pertaing to all that’s involved. Newman Windows and Doors is committed to help set your mind at ease by letting you know exactly what to expect.

If your question is not listed below, please call 772-444-7112 or send us an email to speak with a window and door specialist.

Impact windows and doors have many benefits, many of which most people don’t realize. Liberty Impact Windows and Doors is dedicated to educating the consumer on the real-world benefits of impact windows and doors.

  • Impact windows and doors provide protection against top hurricane force winds, pressure and debris without the need for bulky shutters or plywood.
  • Impact windows and doors increase your property value.
  • Impact windows and doors improve protection against sunlight which fades furniture, paint and also heats your home causing a rise in your energy bill.
  • Impact windows and doors qualify for insurance savings.
  • Impact windows and doors improve the energy efficiency of your home. Cooling your home will reduce your energy bill by 15%-25% depending on the type of glass you choose.
  • Impact windows and doors dramatically reduce outside noise.
  • Impact windows and doors can help prevent burglaries. Most break-ins occur through a broken window or door – smashing glass gains them instant access. Impact glass is designed to withstand impact from debris at high speeds giving burglars a near impossible feat. Much like the windshield of your car, if impact glass breaks it does not shatter- it splinters and will not go through to the inside layer. While impact glass is not burglar proof, it does do an outstanding job keeping them at bay.

From old construction (renovation) to new construction, no two houses are alike. Purchasing new windows and doors is a custom job. Price will vary and depends on many different factors like size, style and upgrades.


  • Impact Glass vs. Non-Impact Glass
  • Insulated Glass vs. Non-Insulated Glass
  • Vinyl Frame vs. Aluminum Frame
  • Tinted Glass vs. Non-Tinted Glass
  • …and many more options

Structural features / issues can also affect the price as well as rotten wood, historical homes, high rise condos (crane or heavy equipment), drywall damage, stucco repairs and more.

We remove and discard all of your old windows, doors and screens at our warehouse. If you would like to keep them please notify the installers upon arrival.

There are many differences between the two but the four main factors to look at when choosing between the two are cost, appearance, convenience and obligation of time. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to compare before you buy.


Lower cost The additional cost of shutters to meet FL Building Code
Obligation of time to install/uninstall shutters
No noise reduction
Shutter storage requirement


Noise reduction High initial Cost
Beautiful Appearance
24 Hour protection without added protection needed
No shutters required
Savings on insurance and energy bills

Yes, the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation assigns discounts for impact-resistant windows and doors, provided that all of the home’s openings are protected.

After your installation contact your insurance company for a Wind Mitigation Application which will need to be filled out by a licensed professional home inspector. Once that is complete you can submit the application to your insurance company to receive a discount on your insurance.

Policyholders with questions concerning mitigation should contact their insurance agents to ensure that proper credit is being received for strengthening the home.

A broken window or ineffective door during a strong tropical storm, hurricane, or tornado can cause a great difference in the inside vs. outside air pressure.

As a result, your home is likely to lose its roof. Impact windows and doors will keep your home safer and give you peace of mind when storms threaten our area.

Call us at 772-486-7711 or send us an email with any questions about improving the structural integrity of your home during storms, especially powerful hurricanes.

Yes. Most of the product we sell and install is impact but we do offer non-impact windows as well. Non-impact does cost less but it does not have the benefits that impact windows will provide for you and your loved ones.

Yes. We install both inswing and outswing front doors. This is the preference of the customer. In some cases (HOA or condo related) a certain swing will be mandatory to meet the HOA rules of one’s home. We do suggest outswing doors to many customers because of the security they provide and the durability vs. an inswing door.

No. All of our installations are done by our own trained and certified employees. We do not hire subcontractors because of the specifications in which we believe each installation should be done. Liberty Windows and Doors has kept it outstanding reputation of a quality install through this very way.

In some cases, stucco repairs or other repairs may need to be done. In this case a licensed and insured Florida subcontractor would be hired.

Our top manufacturer is Eastern Architectural Systems, they are the only vinyl impact windows & doors manufactured in FL backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal.


Yes. You or your general contractor can provide our sales team with specific measurements of the windows and doors of your choice. Once the product you choose has been ordered, a ship date will be given by our vendor. Delivery time from vendor may vary. Once we receive your order you can pick it up from our convenient location in Stuart.

Liberty Impact Windows and Doors pulls a permit for each job that we install. We provide you with a permit application and notice of commencement (NOC) for your specific municipality. There will be a small permit fee added into your contracted price.

When you sign your contract, you will also sign the permit application and NOC. This application along with the product approvals will be sent to the city for approval. City approval is based on the proper products being specified for the location of your property.

Once approved, a permit will be issued for your property and must be posted on the job site prior to the installation. Upon completion of the installation the municipality will be notified and a final inspection will take place by a city inspector. They will approve the job and your permit will be closed.

When we take final measurements of your home a representative will ask you if you want to keep your existing alarm system. Some of our customers choose to upgrade their systems to wireless or some choose to keep their current wired alarms.

Whichever you choose let the representative know before your installation. We will inform the installers to either bury the wires or have them kept assessable for your alarm company to come and reconnect your system.

By law we cannot reconnect alarm systems.

Not with Liberty Impact Windows and Doors, you can expect us to take a great deal of time setting up walkway covers and dust barriers when we are in your home. When we are done for the day all of our equipment will be removed and your house restored to normal.

Keeping your home clean and respecting your living space is and will always will be priority. Our employees realize that this type of respect is what has helped make Liberty Impact Windows and Doors so different than most other window companies.

Yes. Because new windows can be costly we have many customers wanting to pay with a credit card. In most cases we have many customers that pay the deposit via a credit card and pay the final bill via check.

We accept Visa and MasterCard, Amex and Discover along with personal check or money order.