About Liberty Impact Windows & Doors

the treasure coasts premiere hurricane windows & hurricane doors company

In Florida, your doors and windows matter. They protect you from storms, intruders, and sunlight. Here at Liberty Impact Windows & Doors, we’re proud to provide South Florida with hurricane impact windows and doors as well as window treatments. We work hard to protect your home throughout the toughest of times.

For decades, we have proudly served the Treasure Coast and the nearby areas. Our service dates back to 2001 and has expanded over time. Throughout time, we have strived to provide the highest level of customer service. We believe that your happiness matters. When you work with us at Liberty Impact Windows & Doors, you get to work with a staff who cares. Our experienced staff will go out of the way to keep you happy and safe.

We Ensure a Perfect Fit

Serving our South Florida community is a passion, and our reputation is on the line with every project we complete. We understand that when you call us, you want only the best impact glass and only the best service for your money.

From Melbourne, down to Miami, call Liberty at (772) 444-7112 to schedule a free estimate to have impact-resistant windows and doors installed in your home.

To put our customers’ minds at ease, here are our top 10 strategies we follow to ensure your windows and doors are installed perfectly.

Our Installation Methods

  1. We have extensive experience installing windows securely. Jiggly windows during a storm have a higher chance of breaking, and or compromising your home.
  2. We make absolutely certain your windows are level with the impact glass. We always have the most qualified and experienced personal that are very knowledgeable and can assure that all is correct.
  3. All fixed panels are securely in place.
  4. We use the highest quality caulk in the industry.
  5. Are the interior edges and sides finished to match your paint scheme? We usually leave this to you.
  6. Our service technician inspect the installation with you after the work is completed.
  7. We confirm the screens and tints are what you wanted installed on your windows.
  8. We confirm the windows open and close smoothly and the locks work properly.
  9. We complete your window installation in a timely manner
  10. Our crew ensures your home is clean after the window installation is complete.

Liberty Impact Windows

Call us now to discuss your options, or feel free to stop by our Stuart Showroom open from 9AM till 5PM. You can also fill out our online form to request an estimate.