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We are expert in providing homeowners and businesses the highest quality of sales and installation of window replacement, entry doors, sliding doors, french doors and impact windows in Martin, St Lucie, and Palm Beach County​. We have gained valuable experience and knowledge about the importance of working with integrity and reliability.

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Maximize Protection Against Water & Wind-Borne Debris At A Great Value.

I highly recommend this company for your impact windows & doors. The staff is so friendly & knowledgeable and prices are very reasonable. Truly experts in the industry!!

Victoria Ardito

I live in evergreen in palm City if anyone is looking to put windows in it is a must to call these guys. They put in 5 windows at a great price. Like any job had a few snags. Conner Walsh and all made it right. I will be putting in 4 more windows and liberty impact windows will get the job. Great professional work. Thank you all.

James Szczepanski


Benefits of the Windows


Liberty Impact Windows & Doors are maintenance free. Shutters must be put up and taken down with every storm. Shutters can be a safety hazard if not taken down immediately after a storm. Some HOA will fine you if shutters are not taken down in a timely manner. If you don’t have shutters or Impact windows then you must use Wood. Wood could be in short supply and you will have long waits at the hardware store or lumber yard. There is also the possibility that the wood you get is not to code for a Hurricane. There is also the chance of injury while putting up shutters or covering windows with wood. There is an uptick in emergency room visits due to hurricane injuries.

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Hurricane-resistant windows are being manufactured with a polyvinyl membrane in the middle layer capable of withstanding storm winds up to 200 miles per hour. … Provide permanent protection against tornados, storms, and hurricane at any time. Its high strength prevents the glass from breaking up into large sharp pieces.

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UV Protection

Impact windows and doors provide protection from ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light causes damage to fabrics, artwork, photographs and paint. Installing impact windows protects your valuable interiors from fading and discoloration after repeated exposure to direct sunlight. This is extremely important for us in Florida since we experience direct sunlight all year round.

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Utility bills add up fast, especially during the summer in Florida. Impact windows can reduce the solar heat gain in the summer and help retain heat in your home on a cold Florida winter evening. This results in a significant cost savings on your home’s electric bill.

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In addition to protecting your home from exterior damage, impact windows decrease the level of noise from the outside. If you live near a busy intersection or highway, you know how disrupting and distracting outside noise can be. Installing impact windows is an easy way to reduce the amount of outside noise.

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Impact windows and doors are effective windstorm protective systems recognized by many insurance companies. Impact windows are always protecting your home, whereas shutters have to be installed or closed by the homeowners. Insurance companies recognize this and can offer reductions to your insurance premiums.

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When you install hurricane shutters, they need to be deployed and taken down after every hurricane. Additionally, you’re often left to sit in the dark during a hurricane since all of your windows are covered, and you also may not have power. Impact windows look just like regular windows, but they provide protection against strong and damaging winds. Since impact windows don’t need to be covered, you are able to see outside during a hurricane, and they look better than aluminum hurricane shutters.

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Once impact windows are installed, there’s nothing else you need to do. With hurricane shutters, you need to put them up every time there’s a hurricane. As Floridians, we know that even though we’re warned of a hurricane, it doesn’t always hit us. Putting up and taking down hurricane shutters every time we get a hurricane warning can be a hassle. Impact windows provide continuous protection from the moment they’re installed.

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